A Quick Note on the Podcast

Well. It may not be forever, but I believe the time is right to shelve the StoryScribe Podcast.

Podcasting is a medium I’m super new to. While some content I create for my blog moves easily over to the podcast platform, a lot doesn’t. And it is hard, but I’m not sure I know how to do the performance aspect of podcasting alone. (And podcasting with others can be a nightmare to plan— even with my wife!)

To top it off, I’ve been moving over the last several months (and several trips). And one of the things I used to do, but couldn’t (because I can’t find my microphone) is podcast. And I don’t miss it like I do blogging or writing in general.

So, for now, the podcast is going to catch some dust. I hope to bring it back later, but that’s TBD.

Take care!

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