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For Mom (2019)

Three, five, seven years.
A million. Yesterday. 
What time 
is party time
to celebrate the dead? 
I remember stories
I remember smiles
I remember laughter
but I don't remember the sound. 
Clarity from looking back
I see I think
You are who you were who 
Are you now? 
If I speak to your body 
does your soul hear? 
A sharp stab
followed by numb
like Novocain 
as repression sets in
to stop the depression
to make it easy to 
go about my day
to make it easy to 
smile when I think of you
to make it easy to 
but it’s hard, it’s easy 
to go
it's hard, it's easy
to love
it’s hard, it’s easy
to live
through all the little losses 
yours is the voice I wish 
to hear, but what do you 
say when you're a ghost or
Angel or zombie?  
Would you complain it's too sunny? 
Would you complain you don't like the food?
Would you complain that I don't visit? 
And what do I say to that? 
Do I try to call management,
like I do for Nana? 
Absence makes the heart 
grow angry, grow depressed, 
grow acceptance, grow patience, 
grow fonder, but 
Damn. Growing. Pains.
Me, the People

I, the citizen of America, 
now joined in a great 
national effort to rebuild 
My country 
to restore its promise 
for all 
My people.

we determine the course 
of America and the world 
for many, many years 
to come.

Every four years, 
we gather on these steps to carry out 
the orderly and peaceful transfer of power, 
and we are grateful 
for this transition. 

Today’s ceremony
has very special meaning. 
Because today we are not merely 
transferring power from one 
administration to another, or from one 
party to another – but we are transferring power 
from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to 
Me, the People.

For too long, a small group in 
our nation’s Capital has reaped 
the rewards of government 
while Me, the People have borne 
the cost.

Washington flourished – 
but I did not share in its wealth.
Politicians prospered – 
The establishment 
protected itself, 
but not the citizen 
of our country.

Their victories have not been 
My victories; 
their triumphs have not been 
My triumphs; 
and while they celebrated 
in our nation’s Capital, 
there was little to celebrate 
for my family

That all changes – 
starting right here, 
right now, 
because this moment 
is my moment: 
it belongs to Me, the People.

This is my day. This is my celebration.

And this, the United States of America, is my country.

What truly matters is not 
which party controls our government, but 
whether our government is controlled by Me, the People.

January 20, 2017, will be remembered 
as the day Me, the People became the ruler 
of this nation 

Everyone is listening 
to me now.

At the center of this movement 
is a crucial conviction: 
that a nation exists to serve 
its citizen.

I am one nation – 
My pain is our pain. 
My dreams are our dreams; 
Your success will be my success. 
We share one heart, one home, and one glorious 

The oath of office I take 
today is an oath of allegiance to 
all American.

Me, The People, 
assembled here today,
are issuing a new decree 
to be heard in every city, 
in every foreign capital, 
in every hall of power.
From this day forward, 
a new vision will govern 
My land.

From this moment on, 
it’s going to be 
only American First. 
American First.
Every decision 
American First.
on trade, 
American First.
on taxes, 
American First.
on immigration, 
American First.
on foreign affairs, 
American First.

I must protect my borders 
from the ravages 
of other countries 
will lead to great 
prosperity and strength.

I will fight 
for Me, the People
with every breath – 
I will never, 
let Me, the People, down.

will start 
like never before.

We will bring back 
My jobs. 
We will bring back 
My borders. 
We will bring back 
My wealth. 
We will bring back 
My dreams.

I do not seek to impose 
My way of life on anyone, 
but rather to let it shine 
as an example — 
I will shine — 
for everyone to follow.

At the bedrock of our 
politics will be a total allegiance 
to the United States of America, 
and through loyalty 
to my country, 
You will rediscover loyalty 

When you open your heart 
to patriotism, 
there is no room 
for prejudice against Me, the People. 

We must all speak 
My mind openly. 
There should be no fear – 
I am protected, and I 
will always be protected. 
I will be protected by the great men 
and women 
of our military and law enforcement; 
I will be protected by God.

Finally, I must think big, 
dream even bigger.
Do not allow anyone 
to tell you it cannot be done. 
No challenge 
can match the heart 
and fight 
and spirit 
of Me, the People.
My voice, 
my hopes, 
my dreams, 
will define 
our American destiny. 

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