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Game Master

For private games with a group of friends, corporate games for team building, or public games at conferences or conventions, I’m happy to bring a game to you or in a local venue.

While I’m most experienced with Dungeons and Dragons 5e, Dragon Age, Witcher, or Song of Ice and Fire. I also have a lot of experience teaching new players.

Currently, games have to be online. For scheduling, please contact me through Start Playing or clicking the scheduling button below!

Game Testing

Want constructive feedback on your skills as a DM or a table-top game you are developing? Contact me below!

Looking to grow as a DM or as a player? Check out my blog for a regular stream of advice.

Fantasy Cartographer

Want a map for your game or novel? Want feedback on a map you’ve already created? I love creating maps and will gladly help you bring your world to life.

Click the scheduling button below!

Dungeon Masters’ Guild

I have works on the Dungeon Masters’ Guild and I am putting more up all the time. If you want more insight into how I run my table or the kinds of things I create for my games and how they could be used by you as a player or fellow DM, check out my work here.

Young Adventure Scouts!

A program designed for kids to provide some after-school adventures and lessons in socialization, emotional control, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and basic mathematics.

Students who progress through the program will become young DMs and help lead their own games.

This program is currently delayed due to Covid-19. If you live in the southern Indiana area and are interested, please contact me below!

Let’s tell a story together!