A Quick Note: More Content Here, Less on Medium

Hello everyone!

You may or may not notice that I’ll be posting on here more frequently. For about two years I’ve been posting some articles to Medium, a platform for writers and digital publications. However, within the last month they have officially changed their policy on how writers are paid.

The Change

The bulk of the change is that writers don’t get paid. I’m not talking about the change where the writers who do not earn $20 in a month won’t see their money until they do. That isn’t the problem. The problem is that writers who do not have at least 100 followers cannot monetize their content on their platform. They try to offset this with a program in which the writers get a portion of the fee for premium readers who subscribe through them– but it is an unacceptable alternative.

For a while, as long as readers were willing to read, I would get a few pennies (literally). The new change means that, for the little I was owed from them before, there is little chance of me being able to use that platform for any monetary gain– so I might as well use a platform where I have more control: here. Also, the subscriber motivation is an attempt to turn the writers into sales people– taking away from what most of us joined Medium to do: write.

(There are plenty of PR moves and sales moves we already have to make for our own work; it’s ridiculous to try to make the writers sell the platform.)

Bigger and Better Blogging

If you’ve only been following me here, I’m hoping to use this to focus in and make better and more frequent content for the blog as I stop publishing with Medium.

If you are a writer who uses Medium, and you aren’t already above the 100 subscriber mark, I would say to look elsewhere for your place to start. I started with WordPress forever ago (before I even dreamed of trying to start a real page) and it’s still the best I’ve worked with.

It’s my new goal to post on the 1st and 15th of every month.

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