A Quick Update on Social Status

While I originally had grand plans, in the way many DMs do, of constantly updating each player’s honor stat with my social status system: it’s a lot more work than it’s worth.

Instead, I’m updating the rule as previously published to simply be about advantage and disadvantage in a situation.

Revered (Advantage): Every society has an aspect which, when found in a person, it reveres. These people can go pretty much anywhere and can usually walk without fear. Only people who are also revered are likely to plot against a revered person due to the fear of social stigma. (Though this can quickly be used against a person when it comes to a revered group which becomes oppressive– sending them straight to hated and feared.) A revered person often rolls with advantage when persuading people.

Equal or Tolerated (Netural): The general populace or majority culture of a society and those who are tolerated by that culture. These characters roll a regular check when dealing with the culture.

Hated and/or Feared (Disadvantage): A person who is hated and/or feared is actively oppressed and treated with disdain, often openly. Villages may outright attack them. Anyone who is hated and feared regularly has disadvantage on persuasion checks. A hated person may want to stick to the outskirts of society in order to avoid attention unless with someone who is equal or revered.

Much easier than my last system. Don’t let anyone tell you than DMing isn’t a process of revision.

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