A Fresh-ish Start

(You can also listen to this post updated and recorded on my podcast here.)

I have been writing, telling stories, and blogging for about as long as I can remember.

When I was a kid, my first story was a lie to get me out of trouble. (Something about a dragon eating the cookies. Certainly not me.)

The further my education went, the clearer it was that I was devoted to words and the stories which can be told with them. I was an “English” student infinitely more than I was a “Math” student.

I started my first blog in late high school: The World for Beginners. I was figuring out the world, trying to write a manual for myself (more than anyone else) for how to live. As the years went on, I created other blogs for niche ideas I had with varying degrees of blogging success. (I was more than happy to share my travel stories with Olivers Travel All Over, co-written with my wife, and I have been more than happy to talk Dungeons and Dragons and other nerdy interests on Legends of Mondiir, the setting I created for my personal use.)

But, now, after years of going between writing on each of these for hours a week and being so tired that I wrote for none of them, I have decided to start over. Ish. Instead of separating myself out, I wanted a single place to blog and share my interests. I decided to make it a new entity because part of me would like it to grow into something more as time goes on. Perhaps it will include a podcast, or a video series, or bits and pieces of a lot of things, but one thing is going always be what it comes back to: the story.

Why do I write? To write good stories (hopefully).

Why do I read? Or watch movies or TV? Or play video games? To experience good stories.

Why do I play table top RPGs? To share good stories.

Why do I focus so much on the invented worlds of speculative fiction (sci-fi and fantasy)? Because of the ability for those stories to speak to ours.

Why do I talk about politics, culture, and faith? Because I am trying to reason out the story of the real world.

Why do I travel? To expand my world of stories by seeing wonderful settings and meeting new characters.

Why do I teach? So that others can also experience good stories, write their own, share their own, and reason out the real world in the ongoing dialogue of history.

And maybe, just maybe, the story will help us all improve the world.

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